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Crafting groundbreaking solutions with the power of GenAI.

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AI/Automation Consulting

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AI/Automation COE

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AI Project Management

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Cognitive Solutions

Technology Offerings

Generative AI

1. Semantic Search

2. Content Generation & Summarization.

3. Image Generation for specific needs

Text Analytics

1. Digitize Documents

2. Contextual Data Extraction 

3. Topic Modelling & Entity Recognition.

4. Sentiment Analysis

Data Analytics

1. Advanced Analytics of various data modalities and providing apt statistics.

2. Data Visualization & Reporting.

Predictive Analytics

1. Latest ML models for forecasting of various data. (Time-series analysis)

2. Fault Detection & Predicting Anamoly's in data.

Computer Vision

1. Video Analytics for survaillence and other applications

2. Speech Transcription & Translation

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