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Cutting-edge embedded software solutions. Seamless integration, superior performance

Embedded Systems

Committed to excellence, Si-GPT strives to be the foremost provider of embedded software services, shaping the digital landscape through innovative and impactful solutions


Our Services

Embedded OS & BSP Development

  • BSPs with minimal modifications on similar target boards

  • Deep experience in BSP porting services

  • BSP development with low-level operating system code and device driver code

  • Full BSP including boot loaders (U-Boot)

IIoT Product Design & Development

  • Designed and Developed Industrial IOT products (Remote Monitoring Devices)

  • IOT devices based on FreeRTOS, Linux OS

  • Monitoring environmental data, physical data using variety of sensors data

  • Design and integration of sensors and hardware modules 

Post - Silicon Validation 

  • Expertise in Post-silicon validation for with CMSIS standard device driver

  •  Below are four types of post-silicon tests done

  •  Functional bug hunting

  •  Random instruction testing

  •  Memory subsystem validation

  •  I/O concurrency

Diagnostic Software Development

  • Expert in diagnostic firmware design, development and testing for Ethernet IP Switches, Routers

  • Expert in board bring up including devices like SoC, ASIC, PHY on board

  • Design and Development of functional tests(diagnostic) for Ethernet IP Switch

Pre - Silicon Validation 

  • Specializes in Pre Silicon Validation for PCIE Gen5 IP with Xilinx FPGA  platform

  • Specializes in Pre Silicon Validation for CXL 1.1 / 2.0 /3.0 IP with Xilinx FPGA Platform

  • Expert in PCIE CV, CXL CV Testing

Firmware and Device Driver Development

  • Developing MCU firmware, Bare metal Device Drivers

  • Designing System Architecture and Partitioning

  • Creating Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

  • Building Protocol Stack

  • Experience in CPU architectures such as ARM, PowerPC, AVR, and PIC

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