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Design Closure expertise in advanced process nodes

Our Mission

Driving Innovation, Powering Progress: Our mission is to be the premier provider of end-to-end VLSI design services. We empower clients with cutting-edge solutions, fostering collaboration and efficiency to shape the future of technology.

Front End Design

We specialize in translating ASIC functional specification into microarchitecture and RTL using appropriate blend of high-performance IP/SoC design techniques.

Physical Design

Wide and deep expertise in all areas of Physical Design from synthesis to GDSII. This also includes STA closure, power implementation, bump planning etc.  We take pride in our special, custom recipes that help enhance performance, reduce TAT of design cycle, enhance QOR and optimize power and area.  

Design Verification

Our team excels in delivering comprehensive design verification services including UPF, UVM & CCD methodologies, guarantying complete functional and code coverage. 

Low Power Solutions

We drive low-power techniques and solutions such as UPF, voltage island, multi-VT, clock gating, power gating etc that optimize energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Design for Test

We specialize in incorporating and simulating cutting-edge Design for Testability (DFT) features, including SCAN, Compression, MBIST, BISR, BSCAN etc. for hierarchical designs and IPs, that guaranties silicon integrity.  

Design Automation

Our team of engineers are experts in creating Custom Design Flows, Design Automation solutions and Visualizations using latest software technologies, which helps engineering teams reduce their TAT throughout the design cycle and enhances efficiency of project management.  

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